8 Best Family Law Digital Marketing Strategies 2022

Cameron Chittick
Updated October 10, 2022 @ 3:33 pm
Family Law Digital Marketing

Family law is a complex area of law but your internet marketing strategy doesn’t need to be.

As family law firms increasingly go digital, it’s more important than ever to have a strong online presence.

In this article, we’ll discuss our top 8 most important digital marketing strategies that family law firms can use to promote their legal services and get ahead online.

If you’re looking for an edge over the competition, these 8 family law marketing strategies will help you reach more prospective clients and get more cases.

Implementing even just one or two of these strategies can make a big difference in your firm’s success.

These 8 digital marketing strategies are in order of importance:

1. Create a clean and responsive family law website.

Website development is a must-do step one in your family law digital marketing campaign.

We will use your site as a platform to measure all marketing efforts.

A website is the basis of every digital marketing plan.

It’s not worth pursuing any other digital marketing strategy until you at least have a website.

Build a family law website.

Creating a clean and responsive family law website is one of the most important things you can do to improve your digital marketing strategy.

That’s why it’s first on this list.

Use a site builder (CMS)

You should build your site with Wix.4ZHMGh3VoPYVx5L1BsynRa4G9LDe9ZEJTtfYcvGvuEB hdv2ePWNqxM5YqDu0sK6zwyBZJdZChENBKoHQrbsCvOioTg8A5vu9RWixN3zXDZEB2cQIV awFwWA0V30MFbe yOGJmsVgRYlGbFOPKa1qV2hryboS9eVVA7XyzyGkk1Of8wi28KWLtwVw

We recommend law firms use Wix for 3 main reasons:

  1. They have themes that are great for law firms.
  2. They have all the built-in functionality a law firm could need.
  3. Wix is generally an intuitive platform that non-tech people find user-friendly.

Get started with Wix.

Define the goal of your website.

For a law firm, this is easy.

You want new clients to contact you.

When designing your site, keep this primary goal in mind. It is essential to your overall marketing strategy.

Every page of your site should guide the visitor toward this action.

The 3 must-have web pages.

There are a lot of pages you could have but these 3 are must-haves.

  1. Home Page – The visitor should know what you offer and how to hire you within 5 seconds of landing on this page.
  2. About Page – I hate to say it, but this page isn’t actually about you. It’s another sales page that tells a story of how your history will help your client reach their own goals.
  3. Contact Page – This is for all the details to contact you. Usually, this includes a contact form, hours of operation, phone, and email.

Additional pages.

  1. Services page – A short but thoughtful breakdown of the practice areas your family law firm specializes in.
  2. FAQ page – List and thoughtfully answer common questions for potential family law clients often ask before hiring your law firm.
  3. Blog page – A page where past and future clients can find your family law information. More on content marketing later.

Get help:

We know a divorce attorney has the brain power to build an effective site, but often that brain power is better used practicing law.

If you’d like us to build a clean and responsive SEO-driven website for you, request a quote today.

2. Implement Google Analytics on your website.

google anylytics

Similarly to step one, your family law marketing strategy must include this step.

Don’t proceed until you implement Google Analytics on your law firm’s website.

Why Implement Google Analytics for a family law website?

Google Analytics is a program that helps you track how people visit your website. You can see things like how many people visit your website and what pages they look at the most.

Google Analytics is a very powerful, free tool that will help you effectively measure all your digital marketing efforts.

How to implement Google Analytics:

Go to analytics.google.com and follow their instructions.

Get help:

In some instances installing google analytics can be tricky. If you want assurance that it’s been done correctly, as well as a brief overview of how to use it, we’re happy to help.

3. Social media for a family law firm.

A strong social media presence can help you build trust and credibility with potential clients, as well as connect with referral sources.

Social media strategy for family lawyers.

Simply posting content that your potential clients may find useful is a completely viable strategy. Doing so with regularity makes this strategy more effective.

Creating your own helpful content with a solid content strategy is by far the most effective use of social media for a family law firm.

More on that later.

Remember, for a law firm, it’s not about follower count. It’s about the quality of your audience.

Get account names that match your family law practice.

Even if you don’t intend to use social media right away, registering the accounts in your name will prevent others from doing so. There is no harm in being proactive to know you’ve got the account ready when you need it.

Additionally, when someone searches your business name on Google, you will ‘own’ a greater percentage of the top listings, as your social media accounts will show up on the search page as well.

Recommended social media channels for family law.

Highly suggested:

  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

These social media platforms are more business-oriented and allow for linking back to your site within every post.


  • Instagram
  • TikTok

These platforms work well if you plan to create video content.

Set up your social accounts.

It’s important to set up your accounts completely and accurately using the correct business information. Search engines rank sites that have matching names, addresses, and phones (NAP) listed all over the web.

Get help:

If registering these accounts seems tedious to you, we’re happy to take that load off your shoulders. We can create these accounts for you the right way.

4. Local SEO for a family law firm.

The fundamentals for a solid search engine optimization (SEO strategy) for your legal services.

Here’s how show to get your law firm’s website to the top of search engine results pages on search engines like Google in the family law space.

Search engine optimization is the bread and butter of organic family law marketing.

Google My Business

How to do local SEO for a family law firm?

Local SEO is a way to help new clients find your law firm when they search for it on the internet.

You can make your website show up higher in the search results by doing things like adding your address and phone number to your website and making sure other websites that mention you have the same information listed.

Set up & optimize Google My Business.

If you haven’t already, create a Google Business Profile for your family law practice.

We can’t emphasize enough how important this asset is for any business. Google Business Profile is a free and simple-to-use tool that allows you to manage your law firm’s online presence across Google, including Search and Maps.

Fill out your Google My Business profile with correct info and good keywords.

Connect Google Seach Console.

Google Search Console is like your site’s direct connection to Google. If you want to be found on google, you can speed up the process by telling google you exist.

Make an account here: Google Search Console

The Map Pack.

google map pack

The goal of a law firm’s local SEO strategy is to be placed in one of the top three spots on Google Maps.

These three spots are displayed above all other search organic search results and see 50% of the total click-through traffic for local searches.

Getting your family law practice displayed in the map pack is a big deal with regard to lead generation.

Focus on 5-star reviews.

Online reviews play a big part in showing up top in Google’s map pack. Use the link to review tool on your google my business profile and ask happy clients to leave a review.

Name, Address, Phone (NAP).

Make sure you have these items listed in the footer of your site, as well as correctly listed everywhere else on the internet (ex. Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc).

This is a critical step overlooked by many small businesses. Search engines want to rank businesses they are certain about.

If you have mismatched info all over the web, you may be penalized in search engine rankings.

Google My Business Posts.

Google My Business is kind of like a social media platform. Whenever you are sharing content consider sharing it on Google My Business as well.

The benefit of sharing on Google My Business is that you can add a Call to Action (CTA) on every post! For family law firms, that CTA will most likely be Contact Us.

Get help.

It’s important to set all this up correctly. If you’d like our professionals to do it the right way the first time, Reach out here.

5. Content marketing strategy for family lawyers.

Family law content marketing can be a great way to connect with potential clients, show your expertise in the family law field, and help you rank higher on search engines.

But like all marketing efforts, it takes time and effort to see results.

Tips: Content marketing strategy for family law firms

  1. Use keyword research to identify popular search terms related to your practice area.
  2. Each post should target only one keyword.
  3. Talk about your practice areas.
  4. Make it easy for every reader to get specific legal advice by contacting you.
  5. Write helpful, informative blog posts that are relevant to your target audience.
  6. Share your blog posts on social media and other online channels.
  7. Be patient and keep at it over time.

Why should a family law firm write a blog?

Content marketing pairs extraordinarily well with your social media strategy and is nearly a requirement for an effective SEO strategy.

You’ll never have to worry about what to post if you are consistently generating useful information for your target audience.

By creating useful content you will be generating leads by developing a relationship with your potential clients.

They will see you as a thought leader in your industry and the go-to contact when they need your service.

Get help.

Writing and maintaining a blog for your law firm can be a daunting task, as there is a lot that goes into choosing what to write about, and knowing if it will rank on Google.

If you’d like help with content marketing for your family law firm, request a quote today.

6. Search engine marketing for family law (Google Ads).

If you want to skip the line and show up at the top of the search engine results page, you can run Google local service ads.

family law google ads

What are local service ads for family law?

This type of online advertising is called Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Google Ads is the most popular way to do it.

Google Ads is an effective way for local businesses including family law attorneys to pay per click to reach potential clients who are actively searching for a family lawyer in your area.

Google local service ads for family law services

The key to successful marketing campaigns is creating ads that are relevant and targeted to your potential clients.

But first, you must optimize your site for conversions to the goal we discussed in the first section of this article.

You’ll also need to bid on the right keywords and optimize your campaign over time to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Landing pages for family law services

Consider creating single-topic landing pages for specific legal issues  (ex. property division, child support, family court, domestic violence, etc.)

You can reduce how much you pay per click by hyper-targeting in this way and attract clients more effectively by linking them to web pages that discuss their specific needs.

Get help.

If you need help with anything covered in this section Nice Marketing is here to help. Request a quote today.

7. Video marketing for family law.

Video marketing can be a great way for a family law attorney to connect with prospective clients and demonstrate their expertise in the family law field.

While family law attorneys can inject their personality into written content, the video format can be a particularly strong marketing tool for family law professionals due to the personal nature of family law matters.

Family law attorney video marketing tips.

family law face to camera

For family law attorneys, video marketing can be as simple as turning your blog content into a video format.

An easy way to start video marketing is to do face-to-camera-style videos. With this video format, you speak to the camera as if you are addressing the concerns of a client.

  1. Start by creating face-to-camera videos.
  2. Keep your videos short and to the point.
  3. Address the concerns of potential clients.
  4. Be personal and friendly.
  5. Share your videos on social media platforms and other online channels.
  6. Be patient and keep at it over time.

Why should a family law firm create video content?

Video marketing is like content marketing on steroids when it comes to social media syndication. Videos are a much easier consumed format than a blog.

However, we still recommend starting with a blog because of the SEO potential that a blog creates.

If you plan to do video marketing you should also consider opening a Youtube channel, Instagram, and TikTok as well.

8. Social media advertising for family lawyers.

We recommend family law firms perfect their SEM campaign before scaling to social media paid ads.

What’s the difference between Google Ads and social media ads?

When people search for a family law attorney on Google they already have an intent to hire a family lawyer. With social media advertising, it’s all about targeting, which is a little harder to do.

Family Law Advertising on Facebook & Instagram

If you are ready to target your audience with paid social ads, start with Facebook and Instagram.

You can target potential clients by their location, age, gender, interests, and even behaviors.

For example, you could target women in your city who are engaged or recently married.

The key to success with social advertising is to start small and scale up over time.

Family law digital marketing FAQs

What is digital marketing for family law?

Digital marketing for family law is the process of using online channels to reach potential clients. This can include using websites, search engine optimization (SEO), and paid advertising.

What are the benefits of digital marketing for family law?

Digital marketing is a great way to connect with potential clients who are already researching family law topics online. By using a variety of online channels, you can reach a larger audience and connect with more potential clients.

What are some common mistakes made in digital marketing for family law?

  1. Not targeting the audience correctly.
  2. Not using the right channels.
  3. Focusing on quantity over quality.
  4. Not creating keyword-driven content.
  5. Not tracking results properly.

How do you market a family law practice?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Different family law practices will have different marketing strategies that will work best for them. However, some general tips include using a variety of online channels, targeting potential clients by their location, age, gender, interests, and even behaviors, and scaling up over time.

Can a lawyer advertise on Facebook?

Yes, a lawyer can advertise on Facebook. Facebook allows you to target your audience by their location, age, gender, interests, and even behaviors. You can also track the results of your ads to see how they are performing by installing a pixel on your site


Digital marketing can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor, but it can be well worth the investment if done correctly.

In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the most important aspects of digital marketing for family law firms to attract new clients.

By understanding these concepts and implementing them into your own digital marketing strategy, your law firm can reach more potential clients and increase your revenue.

Need help getting started on one or all of these important steps? Our team is here to help!