Local colorado gift shop turned e-commerce brand.

Everything Colorado is a Colorado-centric gift shop located in Dillon, CO. The Nice Marketing team aided their transition into the digital age by developing a high-converting e-commerce site and syncing their in-store inventory across all marketplaces.

Nice Marketing Co. was approached by a local retail store called Everything Colorado. They were struggling to keep up with the competition in the age of online shopping and needed help bringing their business online.

We worked closely with the store owners of Everything Colorado to create an e-commerce website using Shopify as the platform.

This website was connected to the store’s inventory so that any changes made in-store would automatically update online.

Additionally, we connected the website to the store’s Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Amazon accounts to make sure that customers could purchase products from these platforms as well.

This approach made it easy for the store to manage and update its inventory across all platforms, so customers could easily find and purchase the products they saw in-store online.

In addition to the e-commerce website, we also focused on driving traffic to it through SEO.

These efforts paid off as we saw a steady increase in website traffic and sales shortly after launch.

As with any successful marketing, there were spillover benefits. The store owners also reported an increase in foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar store.

This was likely due to the increased visibility of their products online and the convenience of being able to purchase them both in-store and online.

Overall, working with Everything Colorado was a great success for Nice Marketing Co. We were able to help them increase their sales and attract more customers, both online and in-store.