Optimize Your Strategy to Boost Conversions with Our Conversion Rate Calculator

Get a quick and accurate conversion rate calculation for your ads and content in seconds with our user-friendly tool

  1. Count your conversions
    Want to know how many people are taking action after seeing your ad? Just count up the conversions and pop that number into the “conversions” field on our handy dandy conversion rate calculator. Don’t forget to also count up the visits for that same ad!
  2. Count your visits
    Keep track of how many times your ad is being seen and put that number in the “visits” field. Our calculator will then do the math and give you your conversion rate.
  3. See the results and optimize!
    Your conversion rate is a percentage and by clicking “solve” on our calculator, you’ll get your results in no time! With this information, you can optimize your ad and get even better results. Let’s see how high we can get that conversion rate!